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In this case, the expletives add an unnecessary and ill-fitting tone.

Choose Your Words - :

They distract from the information the author is attempting to provide. If your swearing offends or distracts your audience, it can render your entire argument useless. The big issue here is that it can be difficult to determine the correct way to use swear words. All you need to do is ask yourself three questions:. Of course, the third question is not always easy to answer — especially because we often struggle to understand the intention of curse words in the first place.

From the moment we popped out of the womb, the world has been telling us that swear words are taboo. The result of this, according to cognitive scientist Benjamin Bergen, is that, as adults, we still view curse words as powerful. This is especially true in writing.

Your heart rate increases. As a writer, curse words are a powerful weapon to wield. In the right context, they can provide emotional depth — much like they do in real life.

Should You Use Curse Words In Your Writing?

Websites like Vice and Buzzfeed, on the other hand, often uses curse words to portray an informal, humorous tone. There are tons of curse-free articles, posts, and books that can make me reach for the tissues without uttering a single expletive. Sign in. Get started.

36 Responses to “100 Whimsical Words”

Spoiler alert: explicit language ahead. Lindy Follow. The Writing Cooperative A writing community and publication focused on helping each other write better. Humor Writing Language Culture Words. The Writing Cooperative Follow. A writing community and publication focused on helping each other write better.

At the height of the pushback against The Black Witch , Forest was being derided as a Nazi sympathizer and accused of palling around with white supremacists , while those who questioned the tone of the discourse were rebuked for coded bigotry. The multiyear push for more diverse books has yielded disappointing results — the latest statistics show that authors of color are still underrepresented, even as books about minority characters are on an uptick — and while the loudest critics demanded that The Black Witch be dropped by its publisher, others simply expressed exhaustion at the ubiquity of books like it.

In a representative tweet, author L. On Amazon, where the book is currently rated 4. However, just reading a so-called problematic book in order to judge its offensiveness for oneself is considered by many to be beyond the pale. Author Tristina Wright was one of several who condemned would-be readers of called-out books, while young readers followed suit. It makes you racist.

Mimi, the teen blogger who had once been so excited about The Black Witch , was among those who urged others to avoid the book, writing on her website and Twitter about the emotional pain it had caused her. For her part, Laurie Forest is aware of the protests, and cautious in how she talks about them. Published books belong to their readers and readers should feel comfortable being honest about their views. But it takes time and education.

In August , E. But for the most part, those who spearhead the campaigns against problematic books seldom receive an official response.

It all comes down to context

I would say, continue to go get upset. They are a reader. Among the book-buying public, though, that parade may be mostly passing unnoticed. Still, some publishing professionals imagine that the outrage will eventually become powerful enough to rattle the industry. Another agent, who describes himself as devoted to diversity in publishing since before it became a mainstream concern, is ambivalent about the current state of affairs. Those books do need to get criticized, so that books which are written more mindfully, respectfully, and diligently become the norm.

Francina Simone, for one, falls firmly in the latter category. People pretend as if there is no off switch. The problem with these sorts of conversations and debates online is that as soon as an accusation is made, the burden of proof is put on the accused party. You can make all sorts of allusions to The Crucible. Twitter being Twitter, that outcome seems unlikely.

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So much. No difference of opinion allowed, people reigning, etc… I and other people I know mostly teens are terrified about speaking up in this community. But sometimes in the twitterverse, people let their tempers run.