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Who am I really?' Get the answers to these questions and find your true self here. farther away from your true Self. All the suffering in life is because of not knowing your true identity. Questions & Answers. What should be my goals in life?.

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Aware of his low odds for surviving his missions, Jake extracts a promise from Laura that they will never fall in love, however. But Jake's latest mission against some terrorists who use the deadly anthrax bacteria turns personal when Laura's photo turns up in the hands of a dead man.

Is Laura a target of the group -- or a sympathizer and a traitor? Laura and Jake must fight off a determined Madeline, deadly assassins and their growing passion for each other if they in order to achieve what they both want most in life. Shades of Gray is not your usual romance.

The characters are of a special breed for whom honor, country and loyalty are not just words, but are part of a personal code of honor which requires them to put their country before any personal considerations. Yet, even the most hardened Special Operative has a heart and is vulnerable, especially when his or her child is threatened. Laura and Jake ring true as characters, and their passion is always smoldering underneath the most mundane conversations. An interesting, suspenseful romance. While riding through town he stops some toughs from beating up a young boy who they are tormenting and calling a bastard.

T is For Temptation by Jianne Carlo. Tabitha in Moonlight by Betty Neels.

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Tabitha in Moonlight reissue by Betty Neels. Tabitha's Tangle by Emily Hendrickson. Table by the Window, A by Lawana Blackwell. Table for Five by Susan Wiggs. Table for Five reissue by Susan Wiggs. Table For Four by Diana Hunter. Table for Three, A by Lainey Reese. Table For Two by Karen Sandler. Table for Two by Dara Girard. Table for Two by Nora Roberts. Table Manners by Mia King. Taboo by Ellen Archer. Taboo by Jess Michaels. Taboo by Kathleen Lawless.

Tabor's Trinket by Janet Lane. Tabor's Trinket ebook by Janet Lane. Tacked to Death by Michele Scott. Tactical Advantage by Julie Miller.

Tactical Advantage large print by Julie Miller. Tactical Maneuver by J.

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Tactical Pleasure by J. Tag, You're It! Taggart's Woman by Carole Mortimer. Tahoe Nights anthology by Anne Rainey.

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Tail of Love by Alice Sharpe. Tail of Two Hearts by Charlotte Carter. Tailing a Tabby by Laurie Cass. Tailor's Daughter, The by Janice Graham. Tailor-Made by Elizabeth Barrett. Tailored for Trouble by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. Tails of Love Anthology by Lauralee Bliss. Tails of Love Anthology by Lori Foster. Tailspin by Catherine Coulter. Tailspin by Michele Dunaway. Tailspin by Cara Summers. Tailspin by Denise Rossetti. Tainted by Brooke Morgan. Tainted by Lynn Rush.

Tainted by Julie Kenner.


Tainted Angel by Anne Cleeland. Tainted Beauty, A by Sharon Kendrick. Tainted Bride ebook by A. Tainted by Temptation by Katy Madison.

Tainted Gold by Lynn Michaels. Tainted Hearts ebook by Cindi Friberg. Tainted Love by Alison Fraser. Tainted Love by Melody Mayer. Tainted Night, Tainted Blood by E. Tainted Purity by Lorie O'Clare. Take 5: Volume 1 Anthology by Debbie Macomber. Take 5: Volume 1 Anthology by Diana Palmer. Take 5: Volume 3 Anthology by Heather Graham. Take 5: Volume 7 Anthology by Diana Palmer.

Take 5: Volume 8 Anthology by Rebecca York. Take a Chance by Tina Donahue. Take a Chance by Abbi Glines. Take a Chance on Me by Jennifer Dawson. Take a Chance on Me by Jill Mansell. Take a Chance on Me by Susan Donovan. Take All Myself by Lucy Gordon. Take Back the Night by Dee Holmes.

Take Four by Karen Kingsbury. Take Her Man by Grace Octavia. Take It Down by Kira Sinclair. Take It Off by J. Take Me by Shelli Stevens.

Take Me by Bella Andre. Take Me by Lucy Monroe. Take Me by Cherry Adair. Take Me ebook by Mackenzie McKade.

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Take Me Back ebook novella by Kelli Maine. Take Me Down by Sylvia Lett. Take Me Home by Jerri Corgiat. Take Me Home by Nancy Herkness. Take Me Out anthology by Elley Arden. Take Me There by Carolee Dean.