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Who am I really?' Get the answers to these questions and find your true self here. farther away from your true Self. All the suffering in life is because of not knowing your true identity. Questions & Answers. What should be my goals in life?.

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Best Photography Award. Shortfilm Festival. Vancouver Latinamerican Film Festival. Canada Japan Mexico Marseille South American Festival. Espacio Arte Program. Venezuelan Pavilion. Production Director: Fadia Bardawil.

Spoken Word – CJSW

General Producer: Anixe Bilbao. Music and Sound: Javier Blanco. Centripetal posits the idea of a self-contained universe, a micro-cosmos. Characters with competing needs and desires are forced to co-exist, something that —as the title suggests— prevents them from ever moving forward. Best Story, Short Category. Short Film Festival Germany ELCO Fest.

Chile Festival Zona Urbana. China Shortfilm Fest. Spain Peru Mobile World Congress. Shanghai Short Film Winners Program. Producer: Alex Mendez Giner. Music and Sound Design: Javier Weyler. A bizarre misunderstanding arises when a beautiful woman happens to meet a handsome man in a library hall.

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The pleasant moment quickly changes into a wacky situation when the couple misread each other signals. Alternative Film Festival. Mexico Snowtown Film Festival. Deep Night Program. Italy 4th Official Latino Film Festival. New York Selection.

Film Festival. Special Presentation. The keynote speaker, Katherine Rundell, author of the Costa Book Award winning The Explorer , presented with so much infectious energy that many of us left the lecture hall feeling very inspired, awake it was in fact quite an early presentation! And get submitting to magazines!

Her poems have been published in, amongst others, Vortex, Bare Fiction and Mslexia magazine. It was a Wednesday evening, just after 9pm, sometime in I jumped into the passenger seat, beaming from ear to ear. It has a poetry and paints a picture; I really enjoyed it. He kept his eyes on the road ahead as he steered the corner. In desperate need of a distraction, I signed up to a creative writing course at the local college. The classes were run by a charismatic woman in her mid-forties, with long blonde hair and brightly painted nails. She was generous, encouraging and passionate about writing.

Others in the mainly female group were also around the same age as my mum.

Flash fiction to limber up

It was the perfect, supportive environment in which to encourage my writing and, as my writing improved, so my confidence began to return. When I outgrew the classes I enrolled on a Creative Writing degree at university. However, when your ambition is to write for publication, reality i. For many of us, though, the biggest struggle is to keep writing in the face of the demands, the dismissals even, of others. Those who, for their own reasons, bring negativity and self-doubt to the door of your writing room. Be they fellow writers, or family members, you must protect your writing from their negative energy and save that valuable space for those voices that encourage, understand and nurture your writing dreams.

I also give myself permission to remove the negative influences from my writing life; the toxic critics whose motivations are probably honourable but offer me little in the way of inspiration and encouragement. But you can redefine the parameters of that relationship in order to protect your writing life from harm. When things are at their most difficult or challenging, I often think back to my 18 th birthday, when I came home from college to find a present from my mum in the front room; a word processor.

Even now, nearly twenty-five years later, I can hear her words cheering me on as clearly as I heard them back then. And so I write. Because I owe it to my mum, to my ever-supportive writing champions and, most importantly, to myself. Publishing veteran Scott Pack offers advice for authors planning to submit to agents and publishers. One of the top complaints from agents and publishers about the submissions they receive is lack of research: authors not doing some simple groundwork before submitting.

Here are some things you can do to avoid being that person. Trade press. Spend time getting to know the industry you are attempting to enter. If you are successful then you are effectively taking on a new job, a new career, even if only part-time, so do the same sort of research you would when going for a big job interview. Read The Bookseller magazine, the main UK trade publication, and over time you will learn who the up-and-coming agents, editors and publishers are, who represents or publishes whom, what books have sold for big advances.

Agent and publisher websites. If an agent or publisher would welcome your submission then it will say as much on their website. Their website will also hopefully tell you about the authors they represent or publish, who their key staff are, etc. Acknowledgements pages. When looking for ideas as to where to send your manuscript, the Thank Yous at the beginning or end of published books can be a good start. Most authors will thank their editors sometimes tricky people to pin down online and agents.

What are writing anxiety and writer’s block?

An hour spent browsing through your own bookshelves and jotting down names will be an hour well spent. Who represents the authors you admire? This is an extension of the previous point but is still worth making. If you consider Author X to be an influence on your work, why not try submitting to their agent? If the agent likes their work they might like yours too. Hang out on Twitter. Lots of agents, publishing houses and editors are online these days and Twitter is a great way to, quite legitimately, hang out with them and find out what they have to say. No one likes stalkers.

Not even other stalkers. At my classes, when I ask for a show of hands from people who use Twitter, usually only about half of the attendees put their hands up.

Spoken Word Poetry vs Page Poetry

Now, there are lots of great reasons not to be on Twitter, and I would love to use it less myself, but it is undoubtedly a place where the people who might end up publishing your book are hanging out on a daily basis so if you are not there amongst them then you are probably at a disadvantage. This classic resource is well worth purchasing as it contains contact details for pretty much every agent and publishing imprint that matters as well as heaps of extra content and essays on all manner of issues relating to the book world.

Workshops and festivals. Hardly a week goes by without some literary festival in Upper Throtting, or somewhere similar. Not only that, lots of them have workshops, opportunities to hear agents and publishing folk talk about the industry and other useful content over and above the usual authors droning on about their books. It is best to spend at least a few weeks doing this research, and I advise you to make a note of potential agents and publishers as you do so.

You can then hone this down to a shortlist of perhaps 5 or 6, and they can form the first wave of your submissions. You can find her online at www. For you, writing is about expansion, exploration, length.

You might like to think again. There are so many ways that flash fiction can be useful even if your word count is usually in the thousands. Here are a few:. Would you go in for a marathon without having run some shorter distances first? Would you do a dance class without having done some stretching? Flash fiction is a brilliant warm up exercise. If you ever find when you sit down to work on a longer piece, the first words you write are poor, then writing some flash before you start work can help get rid of those clunky first paragraphs and make you ready to jump in afresh.

Or maybe your well is dry — there are no ideas. Write some flash fiction for inspiration which can easily turn into something longer, wider, bigger. But you know your characters, you know what they want.

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Open a new document, lift a couple of characters out from your work-in-progress and stick them in a new place or give them a new difficulty. They find a wedding ring on the road outside their house — what do they do with it? Open a new document lift her or him out and write a piece of flash about the day they started their first job, the first funeral they went to, their first kiss — whether these are in the past or the future.