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The Bride and the Beast. Some Like It Wild. After Midnight. When the police can't get the job done, she leaves her home in Boston and travels to Calamity, New Mexico, where she confronts Billy in the Tumbleweed Saloon. When the town sheriff refuses to arrest Billy, Esmerelda takes matters into her own hands and aims her pistol right at him. Unfortunately, she faints at the precise moment she pulls the trigger.

When she awakens in a jail cell and finds Billy leaning against the wall outside the bars, Esmerelda is incensed. But she quickly calms down when he tells her that her brother is alive. Esmerelda doesn't trust the handsome youngest brother of the infamous Darling gang, but Billy convinces her to hire him to find her beloved brother. Billy gets more than he bargained for in Esmerelda, for the prim and proper lady has him aching with desire.

Meanwhile, Esmeralda struggles to maintain a suitable distance from the charming Billy and is dismayed to find that she is losing her heart to the outlaw. Full of lovable characters, outlandish instances, and Medeiros's trademark humor, Nobody's Darling is a delight to read.

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Dear Reader, Because there comes a time in every man's life when he's got nothing left to lose Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Compra verificada. I loved everything about Nobody's Darling! Its been a while since I've read a book that entertained me so well!

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Teresa Medeiros has a great writing style, her characters were unique and jumped right out of the page with charm and grit. Everything has such a vivid feel to it, from the bachelor town of Calamity, to the charcters both minor and major on both sides of the Atlantic. It reminded me of Prince Charming which has the same feel good vibe to it. To say their first meeting is memorable would be an understatement, but it was perfect. Billing Darling comes off as a bit anti-hero at first but I loved watching him slowly reveal bits and pieces of his real self to Emse.

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After finding out her brother wasn't killed by Darling and that he might still be alive somewhere, Esme pulls all the stops to hire Billy to help her. Of course there's a villian out to stop these two from traveling a smooth road to happiness but the journey is never dull and the pace flows nicely. The mystery of what actually happens to Esme's brother and who the real villian is in the story is quickly uncovered but this is a romance so the primary focus is on the MCs. This story is full of laughs and quiet a few gunslinger style shoot outs. When a book can make me laugh and leaves me with a soft warm glow at the end, its a keeper.

Nobody's Darling will absolutely be re-read at a later date! Memorable moments for me: 1. I loved finding out our hero is a lover of books and had such a soft spot for animals!

He hid it from everyone but Billing Darling was a thinker and I loved that about him. The jail scene with Esme, that scene really set the tone of the book for me, it was so funny!

I loved this frightened girl who was head strong and stubborn but also so vulnerable. The rocking chair scene - Billy sure has some creative and of so pleasurable ways of loving his woman! It wasn't right and it wasn't fair, but he wanted her anyway. I wanted a man. I wanted you.

The story starts off with a bang in a very real sense as the heroine shoots the hero in a misguided attempt to avenge the reported death of her brother. Lucky for hero Billy Darling, she's a poor shot but it's just as well as her brother may not be as dead as she thinks he is.

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Janie is frustrated because her parents pay more attention to acting than to her and because Chuck Grant, in charge of the school's upcoming musical production, tells Janie she can't act, can't dance and isn't glamorous enough to be in the show. Janie eventually becomes aware that her father's career is flourishing but her mother's is not. Rather than accept roles opposite a younger co-star, Curtis decides to retire without telling his wife why. Janie, meanwhile, ignored by her parents but encouraged by principal Miss Pennington, turns out to be a very good singer, so now Chuck does want her to perform.

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Confusion reigns when word is falsely spread that Janie and Chuck are also romantically involved. Their angry parents come to the school to withdraw them. Pennington persuades them to wait until the show, and when they finally see how talented Janie is, everybody ends up happy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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