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The trees grow up to over feet tall, with an extravagant crown of branches emanating from the top of their thick, straight trunks. When European settlers arrived in New Zealand there were huge tracts of Kauri forests. The trees could be as much as years old, and have a trunk circumference of over sixty feet.

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Although it is no longer legal to log Kauri trees, certain swamp excavations have led to the discovery of buried Kauri trees up to 50, years old--some with their bark and seed cones still intact. In addition to harvesting the trees, both the native Maoris and the European settlers found numerous uses for Kauri resin, which the Maoris called kapia and the Europeans called Kauri gum.

Europeans discovered that Kauri gum dissolved in linseed oil made excellent varnish, and harvested thousands of tons of it during the nineteenth century. The material has also long been used for making jewelry and carvings. Because of the industrial uses in 19th century Europe, the once-plentiful Kauri resin is now relatively rare.

However, it is still used to make a special high-quality varnish for expensive violins. We received our first pieces of Kauri resin which we now call Kaurilite as a gift from some Kiwi rockhound friends.

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I like to carry a piece in my pocket to rub every so often and get the scent of the ancient Kauri forests of New Zealand. Inhaling the scent is highly refreshing and revitalizing. Kaurilite is often quite beautiful as well, exhibiting translucent tones of gold and brown ranging from the color of lager beer to old whiskey , and appearing in a myriad of phantasmal shapes. Most Kaurilite is much younger than Amber, ranging from a few thousand to over fifty thousand years old. As a result, Kaurilite is energetically much more active than Amber, feeling as though it is still a living substance.

Some of these traits are derived directly from the Kauri tree itself, while others are harder to pin down. When I attuned to Kaurilite, I was shown that it carries a tremendous amount of life force. This may be because Kaurilite comes from such hardy and long-lived trees, whose lifestream spans so many millions of years. The Kauri Being is strongly present in Kaurilite, and is naturally friendly to humans in spite of our history of destroying the trees. Love is simply in the nature of the Kauri Being, as are wisdom, majesty, patience and humor.

When one aligns with Kaurilite, one resonates with all of these qualities. Kaurilite is itself a liquid crystal substance, and perhaps this accounts for its strong healing resonance with our own liquid crystal cells and tissues. Kaurilite is a purifying substance. Kauris are among the best of all trees for absorbing and transmuting carbon dioxide and replenishing the air we breathe.

Kaurilite embodies this power of purification for spiritual applications of all types. Kaurilite is an enhancer of longevity. Exposure to this substance links one with the qualities of the trees themselves, including their long-lived nature. There are current living Kauri trees at least years old, and some of the eldest Kauris have lived over years.

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  5. Kaurilite offers a direct connection to the consciousness of Nature. It aids one in communicating with Nature Spirits and devic beings. In meditation, it can stimulate access to wide areas of the akashic records--especially those linked to ancient Lemuria. It helps one to inwardly hear the voice of Wisdom, and to converse with the Soul of Nature. It works synergistically with Healerite, Sugilite and Seraphinite for spiritual self healing.


    Nowhere is this more evident than with the crystals I am calling Devaquartz Green Phantoms. These crystals emanate the pure, joyful frequencies of Nature. They are emissaries of the Living World, eager to enter into communion with those willing to meet them. These crystals can trigger new capacities of awareness, most notably the ability to perceive the devas and Nature spirits of the nearest level of higher vibration, where the soul-creatures of the Earth work and play to create the beauty of the world.

    In healing, they support the circulatory system, the nerves and the energy meridians, increasing and regulating the flow of chi or life force through the body. They are empowering to the heart, and help one realize that the heart is the true seat of Wisdom within us. Their vibrancy makes one aware of the fierce joy of Life itself. This exuberant self-giving is the mode by which the Devas and Nature beings enact their world-creating activity, and it is in this way that we can co-create with them, and with the Soul of the World.

    To feel the pulsations of these crystals is to feel that very same passionate intensity arise within oneself. On the contrary, they are veritable whirlwinds of creating power, organized and held together by graceful, joyful and complete commitment to the expression of their nature and their gift of themselves to the world.

    They invite us to meet them and to discover the ecstasy of living as they do. They combine well with heart stones such as Seraphinite, Healerite and Azumar. With Phenacite, there is greater emphasis on visionary experience and support of the nervous system. In particular, the Azozeo Phenacite crystals can activate Devaquartz Green Phantoms to even higher levels of vibrational activity. Our fall buying trip yielded a small collection of truly amazing crystals from Inner Mongolia. They are quartz with inclusions of Hedenbergite, the same rare mineral which is present in Seriphos Green Quartz.

    The crystals themselves are much larger than their Greek cousins from Seriphos--some of them over four inches long--and their energies are very different. They have exquisitely articulated forms, resplendent with cathedral turret formations, and they are all nicely terminated for focusing their energies. However, it is the Being of these newly discovered crystals and their unique energies that are truly captivating.

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    Nonetheless, the Being of the stone insisted that it was Dreamstone, so I surrendered and allowed the experience to unfold. Later I realized the whole name of the crystal was to be Green Angel Dreamstone, as we shall see. And indeed they were in modes of consciousness that we primarily associate with dreams. These stones soothe the body into a state of calm receptivity, such that it is comfortable even if the soul chooses to travel to other realms. Also, and more importantly in my own case , Green Angel Dreamstones can assure the conscious self so that one feels safe and protected enough to allow oneself to travel outside the body.

    I saw her inwardly after several minutes of having been shown the aforementioned aspects of what the stone can offer. Her manner is friendly, and her beauty is powerful. Her clothing appears in the same green shades as her eyes, skin and hair. She communicated with me, not in words, but in gestures and in pictures planted into my consciousness. Her manner is enthusiastic and adventurous, and she encourages us, through the influence of her crystals, to join her in inner travels, both for learning and for delight.

    One can make etheric journeys to other planets as well, seeing them as they appear on the etheric rather than the physical plane. On this level, one finds that the planets are ALL inhabited by spiritual beings, as is the Sun itself. In the etheric realms, one has a kind of body, which is a more or less human-shaped field of light, which can sometimes show details such as facial features and other times is more diffuse.

    The inner realms where one can travel with Green Angel Dreamstone can be as empty as the Void or as full as the Earth itself--just as our dreams can be. One can learn to see how the incredibly malleable dream world is made by the projection of thoughts as images--some of them from us and others from Spirit beings around us.

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    With Green Angel Dreamstone, one can learn how to discern what is projected from within oneself, and eventually to choose such contents. From this clarity, one can learn to meet consciously what is being offered from Spirit, and to respond to it. The path to which the Green Angel beckons leads also into the material realm. Those who claim one of these crystals and open to its mysteries are likely to learn it for themselves. It can be used for self-healing in all areas, so long as its energetic entry point remains at the heart chakra.

    It is highly recommended to sleep with these crystals, as this is the easiest way to begin the journey of discovery to which they invite us. Sugilite can work with Dream Angel Dreamstone to focus on the inner path of healing. Any of the Azeztulites combined with Green Angel Dreamstone can lead one into ecstatic journeys to the Realms of Light. As we have been exploring New Zealand and the mineral treasures native to the land, we recently became aware of a lovely stone with a unique array of beneficial energies.

    It is a beautiful translucent Agate found on remote stretches of beach on the South Island. Its name, Moonlight Agate, indicates much about its spiritual qualities. Our friend Kay Ford is a talented intuitive reader and healer in New Zealand, and she introduced us to this stone by the name Moonlight Agate that she and her husband Rick had coined. It shares many metaphysical qualities with moonstone, among them assisting hormonal balance in women and enhancing intuition. It is also effective to place a large stone in the left hand during crystal healing or meditation.

    Moonstone is a traditional stone to give for protection in travel and this is a wonderful gift to give when someone is travelling overseas, particularly if they are a New Zealander or have been drawn here.

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    When one holds it, there is a sense of mutual satisfaction, as though both the stone and oneself are being nourished by the contact. There is an immediate soothing sensation, a calming of the emotional body and a steadily increasing sense of serenity. It kindles the memory of priestesses and holy women, putting individual women in touch with this archetype of the Goddess.