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Who am I really?' Get the answers to these questions and find your true self here. farther away from your true Self. All the suffering in life is because of not knowing your true identity. Questions & Answers. What should be my goals in life?.

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Love Me Or Let Me Be Lonely: An Anthology of Amish Romance by Victoria Morris

I spun through the racks, elated, repulsed. Could there be anything better, or worse, than Amish romance novels? This genre is positioned at the center of evangelical faith literature, with young Amish women often coming to experience a relationship with God tailored to their own personal plights, a modern concept which runs counter to what community-minded Amish and Mennonite culture has historically been all about. It could have happened. In many ways, it should have happened. But lo, I had already heeded the call of worldliness and sin at a young age, delighting in a different sort of faith literature in my early teens.

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The Living Hope series, by John Benton, was composed of books titled Carmen or Sheila or Lorene , women who had fallen into sin on the streets as prostitutes, drug addicts, strippers, gang members, felons. She needed love, but where could she find it? Was it too late to start life all over again?

Why We Love Amish Romances

Each book ended the same way, with the girl meeting John Benton, going to his halfway house, and accepting Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior. I only read the endings if they included the woman getting the shakes and soiling their bed linens during drug withdrawal.

Otherwise, I focused on the first half of the books, their lives in the city, on the streets. I considered these books aspirational.

Amish Romance: Let Go and Let God

The future was bright. Anabaptists re-baptized each other as adults, flouting infant baptism and drawing the rancor of the religious establishment.

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Most excellently, it also contained archaic illustrations, and these were what fascinated me the most. Anneken Heyndricks, bound to a ladder, cast her eyes heavenward in sublime abandon as flames licked her body. From Harvest House Publishing.

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Available everywhere books are sold, including paperback and e-reader. The second book in the Bliss Creek Amish series, also set in Kansas. Debuted in October The final book in the Bliss Creek Amish series.

It debuted in February. Phoebe Christner and Michael Daugherty are just beginning their courtship when they make a mistake with tragic consequences.

Love Redeemed is the story of how they find forgiveness for themselves and for each other. Will Adah Knepp choose the man who can show her the way to an undreamed of musical career or will she choose the one who will give her a life of faith and family? Every Amish Season series 4 books.

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