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These are the survivors of a larger party that set out from Telmar. The traders are bringing three thousand three hundred and sixty swords to Slarn where Gally Sorn will pay them the remainder of the money she owes. The amount of money paid depends on the number of swords delivered and, unknown to Gally, the full amount are now on the ship. Their other adult companions are Cara and Don Marin.

Cara is fleeing the constraints of her family and Don is coming along reluctantly. Cara decided not to carry out her orders and joined them on their journey. The city of Slarn is divided into three groups known as the Triums. The borders of these segments are defined by the river Jalon splitting into two at the center of the city.

Each Triums is controlled by a royal family. Known as Dalk, Jenver, and Tallis, the royal families also take these names. A king is appointed to rule the city from one of the three royal families. Tradition dictates that a King is selected from each of the royal families in turn. Always a man aged between forty and fifty, and he rules for life. The only candidate they offered was Kalenda Jenver who was unacceptable to the others because she is a woman.

The city is in a state of cold war that is threatening to become a hot one. Jalia took on a child companion during their journey through the forest. The girl was fatally wounded in the fight on the docks to recover the remaining swords.

Jalia ordered Daniel to save Hala using the magic she believes he possesses, he being the last living heir to the Magician Kings. With less than three hours sleep she was exhausted. This was unusual. Normally, lack of sleep had no impact on her at all, but things were far from normal. There were four bunks in their cabin, but Jalia had been sleeping on the floor between the door and the beds, using her body as an obstacle to anyone who might enter the room.

She was also there so she could react immediately if her companions stirred. As she rose wearily to her feet her first thoughts were for Daniel.


He lay exactly as she left him. His face so pale it looked as if he were dead. His breathing so shallow it was inaudible. Jalia checked yet again to reassure herself he was still alive. She did not try to wake him. She had tried that repeatedly and fruitlessly in the early hours of the morning and now considered it best to let him wake naturally, if he ever did. Her hair was dark brown, but people mistook it for black because her complexion was so pale.

Her skin was the color of milk. Dark blue eyes took in the world around her, missing nothing as she surveyed the cabin. She had the kind of looks that encouraged little boys and grown men to flock around her in the hope she might notice them. Bishnupriya Manipuris. Manipur India , Bangladesh. Burkina Faso. Soccsksargen Philippines. Bas-Uele Democratic Republic of the Congo. Bodoland India. Guizhou China. Balochistan Pakistan. Brittany France.

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