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The bed holds around two inches of solution which is pumped onto the bed where it floods the growth medium from the bottom up. It pushes out oxygen, and when the liquid reaches its highest level, a drain pipe is filled. This system also involves the use of a timer, which activates the pump.

It floods the medium at set intervals with the nutrients before draining the solution out. Typically, an ebb and flow system involves the use of two plastic tubs with one sitting inside another. The top tub contains the plants, while the bottom tub includes the nutrient reservoir, an air stone, and a water pump. Therefore, when the pump shuts off, or if there is a problem with the pump, the water will drain into the hole from where it came from.

Experienced growers know that it is wise to place an extra hole in the system so that it drains down to the bottom tub at the maximum level you want the water to reach, as this prevents flooding. Most people opt for 15 or minute on and off cycles. The main issue with the Ebb and Flow system is that you have to monitor it constantly. This is another all-in-one system and involves pumping the nutrient solution from the reservoir to the planting tube using large PVC tubing angled at a small decline. The resulting stagnant water left in the channel can lead to the growth of bacteria which kills your plants.

This is why you have to angle the tube. On the plus side, an NFT system is easy to expand. Simply add more holes to the planting tube or add more tubes to expand your grow. This option is mainly used in commercial hydroponics gardens, and it enables you to use one of several growth mediums.

It involves the use of individual drippers that are placed in the growth medium of each plant. The Drip Irrigation System enables fast harvesting, and you can remove the dripper from the medium if you want to swap out plants quickly and easily. When you choose customizable flows, you can even control the precise amount of nutrient solution that each plant receives. DWC is the most basic indoor hydroponics system, making it the best method of growing pot for beginners. Place your plants in individual containers and add them to a grow tray suspended in water. The air pumps allow you to keep the roots submerged in water because they continually receive oxygen.

This is possibly the most unique method of growing pot on the list. With this system, you take an oxygenated nutrient solution from the reservoir and pump it into misting valves. They spray the mist into a group of chambers where the roots are exposed. In the great aeroponics vs. On the downside, an aeroponics system is extremely expensive and is typically only used by commercial growers. If the misting valves become clogged, your plants will die as their roots are unable to receive moisture.

One bonus of using aeroponics is that you are growing your marijuana vertically, which means getting the maximum out of your available space. This is another basic hydroponics system.

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It involves using a material such as rope slotted through a PVC tube. The nutrients solution is pulled up the rope and added to the growing tray.


It is probably the best way to grow marijuana hydroponically until you determine whether it is the right method for you. There is a lot of work involved in growing your own weed via a hydroponics gardening system. Ideally, you will invest in a variety of measuring instruments, nutrients, and growth mediums.

Please bear in mind that none of these options provide any nutrients.

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  8. Their main role is to provide support for the roots because the hydroponic solution you choose contains all of the nutrients. Here is a list of growing medium options:. Rockwool is rock spun into a material akin to the spun glass used as insulation. Its ability to breathe and retain moisture ensures that it remains a firm favorite in hydroponics systems.

    Rockwool is available in multiple cube-shaped sizes. You can use small cubes for seedlings and larger ones for systems such as Ebb and Flow. When you purchase Rockwool, submerge it in water for at least eight hours to remove any air bubbles. Rockwool cubes are specially created for hydroponics systems and contain pre-set holes that you place your plants into.

    It is inexpensive, reusable and impossible to overwater. The main disadvantage when using Rockwool cubes is the environmental cost. Otherwise, it is an excellent option for hydroponics cannabis.

    5 Easy Ways to Grow Marijuana Hydroponically - wikiHow

    If you opt for Rockwool, bear in mind that its pH is 7. You can do this by soaking it in pH adjusted water. A lot of growers add vinegar to the nutrient solution.

    Once you have treated the cubes, check their pH one last time before adding plants. This porous white substance retains and wicks moisture extremely well. Generally speaking, you should purchase large chunks rather than the small granules it is normally sold in. The surface of each perlite particle is covered with miniature cavities — the result is a very large surface area which holds nutrients and moisture. It is a sterile substance, so there is no danger of pests, insects, or disease. This is another crushed volcanic rock medium like perlite, and is also known for its terrific drainage.

    How to Grow Hydroponic Cannabis

    For successfully growing in a DWC system you are going to want to make sure that only the root matter is submerged into the water. No stem and no vegetation. Keep about 1. Make sure to monitor your plants for root-related diseases. Remove and destroy sick plants immediately. I am serious about this. Going hydroponic and setting up the right system for water and nutrients is what differentiates the novice from the master.

    A hydroponic grow system could be the key to your best yield ever. Keep in mind that you want to create the best environment ever for your plants. At the same time you want to automate your grow processes as much as possible. This will decrease your working time whilst increasing the quality of your output. Setting up a light system on timer is the first step. Creating a hydroponic production like DWC will allow you to manage water and nutrients at one single place. No matter how big you grow. Make sure to check our article on nutrients to understand how to improve your water quality with the right levels of nutrients.

    Quality of water is your best advantage. Great article — lots of people neglect the importance of water, and in a hydro system, that could cost you your grow. Thanks for posting! Great advise. Thank you. Close search. How To Grow Weed expand.

    When setting up your water system these are the parts that will be important for you: watering your plants vs growing within water also know as hydroponics nutrients which we will cover in our nutrient article! For a plant to receive a well balanced diet, everything in the soil must be in perfect balance. Rarely, if ever, can you find such ideal conditions in soil due to the lack of organic matter left behind on the surface, contamination and biological imbalances.

    Soil is not able to produce a high volume of nutrients as hydroponics can deliver. Soil loses its nutritional value and is difficult to measure in terms of pH and fertility. With hydroponics the pH and nutritional value of the water are easily measured and maintained, so plants always have enough to eat. Only when you water your soil plants, the basic elements can dissolve into the water.

    In a hydroponic system, moisture is present for extended periods of time or for all the time.

    Hydroponic Marijuana Grow Guide

    In addition, soil plays host to many nasty little creatures, pests and diseases while hydroponic growing mediums are inert and sterile making a very hygienic environment for the plant and owner. After 20 years in field, we know how great grow suppliers look like. Our trusted partners offer excellent prices, great support and will make sure your delivery arrives discreetly. All growing described on this page is done using the Ebb and Flow system. The Ebb and Flow system is one of, if not the most popular hydroponic methods for growing weed.

    It is simple and easy to use. It works like this: A reservoir containing nutrient solution is located below a growing tray.

    How to Grow Weed Hydroponically. Part 7. Step by Step Guide for Beginners

    To support the plants in a hydroponic system, an inert soil-free medium like fiber or stone, may be used to anchor the roots. Ideal not only for the beginner, but for the advanced gardener as well. This mid-air feeding allows the roots to absorb much needed oxygen, thereby increasing metabolism and rate of growth reportedly up to 10 times of that in soil and there is nearly no water loss due to evaporation.

    The mist is created by special nozzles to the root system on a regular basis. The roots are held inside a water proof and light proof container which helps create a high humidity area.