The Christian Year: A Guide for Worship and Preaching

Who am I really?' Get the answers to these questions and find your true self here. farther away from your true Self. All the suffering in life is because of not knowing your true identity. Questions & Answers. What should be my goals in life?.

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For departing Team Captains Tiongson and Go, bagging medals in their last year as rowers was a fitting end to their long, arduous journeys with the team. However, prior to their success this year, the pair admitted that they once believed that a medal finish was out of reach for the team.

Despite this, the team slowly grew over time, churning out one tough performance after another, all in pursuit of the elusive medal. Knowing that the training standards, discipline, and tenacity of the team has grown exponentially over the years, the captains believe that the team they will leave behind is truly ready for future success. In another quest for silverware, the Ateneo Rowing Team found themselves hammering through rigorous training sessions a week after returning from Malaysia.

Thus, routinely regimens are necessary in their race to success, with the team allotting time for both morning and afternoon training sessions. At around AM, the student-athletes head back to the Loyola Heights campus for a full day of classes before turning to the old walls of the Blue Eagle Gym in the afternoon for physical training. They perform a series of high-intensity cardio workouts and weight lifting methods to improve on strength and endurance. Coupled with enough rest and proper diet, ART makes certain that their members are ready and fit for harsh physical activity in the face of unpredictable nature patterns.

According to Tiongson, the overall morale of the team is running high.

Self Application

The rugged training sessions are made sweeter by the promise of a better finish, and the memories of their decisive campaigns. Go also noted that their gritty performance has garnered the attention of their foreign competitors. Pulling daily streaks together of not missing a day in your disciplined routine is how I accomplish what I want to get done.

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You get to set six goals that you want to accomplish each day and you check them off as you do them. They could be as simple as brushing your teeth or as hard as walking 20, steps everyday. You get to choose.

My six are: Reading the Bible; Reading 15 minutes each day in a book other than the Bible ; Doing the dishes; Making our bed; Walking 10, steps and Writing something in my latest book each day. If you dole out some cash it may remind you to use the app. Regardless of how you catalog your discipline, do your best to make a plan that you can grow incrementally. Please do not overload days one, two and three only to abandon your plan on day four. Think longer term and more strategically with anything you want to accomplish.

Try using an app like Streaks to keep yourself accountable.


We all can do this. Turning desire into discipline is very possible. It just takes daily action.

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Blessings, -Micah Brooks www. Desire vs.

Would we see beyond that which holds us down, keeps us from loving people and even ourselves? If God-given desires are sweet to the soul, then diligence to pursue those desires serves as the protection to keep them from going sour.

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If you neglect it, poverty, shame and despising oneself is said to follow. Regarding the pursuit of Godly desires with diligence, discipline must enter into the equation.


When our Godly desires begin to wane and when diligence to pursue them begins to weaken in favor of a shortcut, discipline can lift our attitudes, behaviors and actions back up to the path where obtaining godliness in our character is the primary goal. It is there to do a job when we need it most. It is the rod that brings us back to our senses.