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Who am I really?' Get the answers to these questions and find your true self here. farther away from your true Self. All the suffering in life is because of not knowing your true identity. Questions & Answers. What should be my goals in life?.

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This is particularly true for men. As the table below indicates, these gaps are about as large as the gender gap and are bigger than the education gap. There is a thesis put forward by Naomi Cahn and June Carbone that blue families are stronger and more stable than red families.

Take for instance:. But this survey suggests that the divide is not that simple. The partisan gap in marriage, for instance, is 17 percentage points, and the education gap is… 17 percentage points. So, when we think about the marriage divide, we need to think about the 3 Cs: cash, culture, and community. Not just the first C—cash. The Republican advantage in marriage raises questions about the necessity or comparative strength of the egalitarian marriage.

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Like Cahn and Carbone, he has argued that one reason that upper-middle-class marriages today are more successful than the marriages of working-class and poor couples is that they are more egalitarian. Why is it that Republicans and conservatives generally report more marital happiness and stability than do other Americans?

Is it because they are more egalitarian? I doubt that. Most of my high school friends and relatives voted for Trump.

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As religious people, many of them disliked his womanizing and the fact he had been married three times. Shirley did not approve of his supposed affair with pornography star Stormy Daniels. Forgiveness is part of the evangelical gospel message. We all are sinners. But the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency was completely unacceptable to them. The former senator was dishonest and untrustworthy, they felt, and would take America in the wrong direction.

Obama and Clinton did worse and nobody said a word. Shirley, meanwhile, felt the news media were not giving him a fair chance.

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Ken did not share this view of the Trump presidency. Bush presidency, and judicial temperament. But late in the hearing process, conflict sharply escalated when Christine Blasey Ford alleged Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school. According to her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ford said an intoxicated Kavanaugh groped her, held her down, and attempted to remove her clothing in an upstairs bedroom without her consent.

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She recalled how he placed his hand over her mouth when she attempted to scream and laughed with his friend Mark Judge at the assault. Two friends having a really good time with one another. In his testimony , Kavanaugh strongly denied the accusation.

No Wonder America Is Divided. We Can't Even Agree on What Our Values Mean

Public opinion divided sharply along partisan lines. A CNN national survey found nearly complete polarization among the general population. Ninety-one percent of Democrats opposed the Kavanaugh confirmation, while 89 percent of Republicans supported it. There also was a strong gender gap, with women holding negative views about the nominee and men being more supportive. The national political divide reflected the rifts within my own immediate family.

I talked to my sisters a few days after the Senate confirmed Kavanaugh on a 50 to 48 vote. Joanne told me she supported the court nominee. I feel he is a good man who is qualified. He has been torn to shreds because of bias. It is a crying shame.

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You better never had made a mistake at any point in your life. Shirley also was upset at the Kavanaugh hearings. It was a sham. What is wrong with the people up there? They are supposed to be leading the country. My brother and I did not share these views of the Senate decision. Raw power used. Skip to main content.

"The Danger of a Divided Family" Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.

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