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A detective show needs a good title. The name of the private eye is usually good enough to be the choice. But I don't want to give prominence to one over the other when it comes to billing. So I'm thinking along the lines of That is a slang reference to them being private detectives, you understand. But even so, I think this show could only be on a cabler or even a premium channel All the best, Phil. I hope you enjoyed this little bit o' Toobworld imagineering on my part.

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Can't be proved nor disproved Probably the best 'Doctor Who' meme I saw all year An idealized Toobworld would have no borders; characters could cross freely from one show to another. For me, the most exciting of these possibilities would be in the realm of science fiction.

Think of all the fantastic aliens that were merely one-shot appearances in TV shows like 'Lost In Space', 'Babylon 5', 'The Twilight Zone', 'The Outer Limits', and even 'Star Trek', despite the prevalence of basic humanoids with a few bumps and ridges on their foreheads. I would have loved to see a Minbari priest serving as the chaplain on board the starship Voyager - that's always my go-to example.

And they don't have to be focused on the same causes espoused by the original versions of those aliens. Not everybody on Earth is dedicated to the same raison d'etre, after all. T ransported to Earth by accident. This is one case where the plot line could be repeated, with another Andromedan coming to Earth Prime-Time and accidentally causing several humans to get severe radiation burns. But this time, let there be a happy ending where the Doctor intervenes as saves the alien from his new galaxy being.

I could see this being the annual Christmas episode, in fact. And to make it perhaps even more saccharine - er, Christmasy, why not let the Andromedan be a child. Perhaps an energy being that was a little girl. This is a case in which I wish we could see the Doctor interact with this original Empyrian, if only because it would be nice to hear the voice of the late character actor Simon Oakland spouting new dialogue.

But the storyline would be pertinent still: it's now only 30 years until Tythra destroys both Earth Prime-Time and Empyria. And that could be something a race like the Daleks would want to happen to both planets since they hate anyone who is not a Dalek. In the fifty-two years since that first Empyrian took his ship full of volunteers to settle on Tythra, there have been at least two generations of Terrans living in harmony with Empyrian settlers.

But the Daleks could be working behind the scenes to scuttle their progress in altering Tythra's orbit. This is my all-time favorite episode of the series. And one of my top ten episodes of any genre of all time Harlan Ellison has written other stories set in the world of the Earth-Kyba War, but most of them have never been adapted for television, or at the very least are only tangentially connected.

There was a time when it looked like there might be a "sequel" set on 'Babylon 5' while Ellison was a consultant for the series. But it never came to be. For me, the Kyben were evolved from lemur-like creatures perhaps transported to Kyba by human explorers. The Earth-Kyba war 1, years in the future would make for a great backdrop for the Doctor to mediate a peace between the two warring factions. And then along comes Plummer's girlfriend to gum up the works.

Ikar begins to feel emotions such as anger, and desire for Janet, eventually returning the scientist's emotions to him. Ikar is now being pursued by his own species, as a threat to the planned invasion. It is revealed the aliens' homeworld is overpopulated, and they have chosen Earth to be their new home. In the end, out of sympathy for Plummer and possibly also because he now knows what emotions are , Ikar kills two of the soldiers, but is disintegrated himself before Plummer destroys the last soldier.

In disgust, Doctor Plummer himself destroys his weapon, erasing all traces of his work and evidence of the aliens. I think even without the weapon, the Hive World would still make an effort to take over Earth. Since they never did, we can only assume the Doctor prevented it. And the Doctor - maybe even the War Doctor - could have helped them find a planet that suited their needs but which wasn't already populated with sentient life. I can see the Doctor struggling to prevent a hate group from hunting down and killing an innocent Ebonite.

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I'm not a fan of allegories, most times they're too heavy-handed. But I can see this as being symbolic of the growing hatred towards Muslims by emboldened Trumpeters. The Zanti are revealed to be grotesque oversized antlike beings with malicious human-like faces. The Zanti regent pursues Ben's now-terrified accomplice.

Believing that their privacy was violated, the remaining Zanti prisoners commandeer the penal ship and land it atop the roof of the military command post. When the Zanti prisoners attack Earth's nervous soldiers, a brutal firefight ensues, and all of the aliens are massacred. The soldiers and airmen anxiously await the expected reprisals, but, instead, they receive a message of thanks from the Zanti leader who explains that they were incapable of executing members of their own species so they sent them into the hands of a race who possessed no qualms about killing — the human race, referring to us as "practiced executioners".

My favorite alien race on the show! This could easily fall into the trap of just rehashing the original plot. In fact, the showrunner could capitalize on that to make a truly memorable episode. But of course they would have been unable to prevent the massacre of the Zantis.

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I'm in the process of watching the animated restoration of the 'Doctor Who' episode "Power Of The Daleks" and I think this would be the perfect story to animate. That way audio from the Second incarnation of the Doctor, whose adventures were mostly - and criminally! And it wouldn't have to be dialogue just from one particulary adventure.

A producer with carte blanche from the BBC and the copyright holders for 'The Outer Limits' of course could cherry-pick the necessary dialogue from all of Patrick Troughton's past adventures. And to make the story seamless, they could add in new dialogue from whoever was playing the current Doctor. Anyhoo, it's just an idea All of the above episode descriptions were adapted from their Wikipedia entries. Here is the picture that sparked this idea for fanfic:. After a mix-up at a music hall, he finds himself onstage with ambiguously foreign magician Mendoza, who hypnotizes him into losing all of his inhibitions.

But that's in the Cineverse. For their own safety, they have to disguise themselves as native Iotians and blend in, just as the First Doctor had to do when he found himself trapped in that Melkotian simulation of the Shootout at the OK Corral soon after the Enterprise crew had left. But this time, they got to a 'Star Trek' location before the Starfleet officers.

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How the two Doctors ran into each other, what happened to them on Sigma Iotia, and which companions were traveling with each of them would be up to the fanficcer. If you do take a stab at the story, send me a copy. I'd like to read it. The narrator spends four days hitchhiking from Saginaw, Michigan, to join Kathy in Pittsburgh, where together they board a Greyhound bus to continue the journey.

The narrator begins with a lighthearted and optimistic outlook "Let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together" that fades over the course of the song. To pass time, he and Kathy play games and try to guess the backgrounds of their fellow passengers. Over the course of their journey, they smoke all of their cigarettes. Kathy reads a magazine before falling asleep, leaving the narrator awake to reflect on the meaning of the journey alone. In the final verse, the narrator is able to speak his true emotions to Kathy, now that she is sleeping and cannot hear or answer.

The narrator then stares out the window "counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike". So many other empty and aching and lost souls traveling down the highway, each on their own journey alone, even if someone is traveling with them. You're probably thinking I've had a stroke after posting about 'Doctor Who' all day, haven't you?

Well, it says it all in that title - every so often I've posted suggestions usually based on screencaps from movies for fanfic about two TV characters played by those actors seen in the movie snapshot. I'm always hoping somebody will pick up my suggestion and run with it. Maybe they have but never let me know so I could read it. I would do it myself except my talent for writing tends to be too technical even though I have come up with great scenarios in my Toobworld adventures. Vladimir Ilyich was a very sociable person.

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He always found a good word for every comrade. There was Babushkin, for instance, an interesting, intelligent and talented man. The streets were deserted. Here and there a street lamp gleamed dully. Vladimir Ilyich took a horse-car as far as the Public Library. The gardens, too, were deserted. The lindens were bent under the weight of the snow. A twig snapped, sending down a shower of powdered snow.

Vladimir Ilyich was in excellent spirits. He returned to the furnished room which he had recently rented.

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He had to keep changing his lodgings, because the police spies were constantly after him. Vladimir Ilyich tiptoed in so as not to wake his landlady. He did not feel like sleeping and decided to do some research for his new book. He became immediately engrossed in the articles he was reading. When he looked at his watch it was nearly two a. Vladimir Ilyich wondered who it could be at such an unearthly hour.

Two men in civilian clothes entered. Bringing up the rear was a gendarme. The two men in civilian clothes began searching the room. They leafed through the books, turned over the bedding, looked up the chimney and into the stove. He was thinking of his comrades. Had anything happened to them?